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Hello from Amsterdam! I’ve been dreaming of coming to this magical city for years and I couldn’t be more excited and happy to be here. Even though it’s been raining on and off, nothing will put a damper on our week here! The time is already going by too quickly and I wish I could slow down the days and savor them forever. as nice as it is visiting museums and touristy sites (hence, the Heineken Brewery) the best times for me is just walking around with no particular destination, this is when you can really soak in the city’s atmosphere. We walked over countless little bridges over the city’s beautiful canals, rode bikes with the kids, visited a nice flower market and when it started raining we escaped into charming sidewalk cafes for hot tea. Tomorrow we leave to NY which is a bittersweet moment as this trip in The Netherlands was so short but I’m excited about NY as well. you can follow me along on Instagram for some more moments of our trip and life in general. xx




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