Miami getaway

Red skirt: Asos Red hat: Brixton Straw bag: Doen White dress: Asos  Camel mules: Madewell Red bag: Urban outfitters  Blue skirt: Asos White loafers: Sam Edelman

We are back to freezing New York after spending a few nights down in Miami. We really had the best time, you know you are having fun when people ask if you’re on your honeymoon. We have left the kids with family members and enjoyed some time alone. Although I wouldn’t call this getaway relaxing as we are usually adventure people who like to go see as much as possible. I wish we had more time there, it was my very first time in Florida and there’s just so many beautiful places to see. The best part was of course the warm weather, we left NY while there were a few snow flakes on the ground straight into the beautiful Floridian weather.

We were at a friend’s wedding, we chatted a lot, took naps by the pool, ate yummy food, walked all over and even went surfing. It was my very first time surfing and I didn’t even planned on doing it but we were hanging out by the beach with my brother who is an amazing surfer and he talked us into giving it a try. It was an amazing experience, I was actually a pretty decent surfer compare to a first timer, of course most of the time I was laying on the board but just balancing and learning the basics was pretty cool, I’m so happy I did it!!

Anyway, it was fun to have alone time with my hubs and feel like we are dating again. As much as it makes me sad to leave the kids overnight and I missed them like crazy, it is needed every now and then.

Have a great week you guys!! xx,


Old car charm

Sweater: Asos  Skirt: Asos Shoes: DSW Hat: Lack of color Bag: Sam Edelman

It’s 1969… hop on for a ride ladies! The one thing I always wish I had and still dream of getting some day is an old vintage car, to be exact I want one of those old thin vans where I can remove the back seats and decorate it with rugs and pillows, then just drive anywhere, maybe park it on the beach or at a pretty park and have a picnic with my family. I guess it wouldn’t be that practical in NY, perhaps if we lived somewhere more exotic like Hawaii then it would make a bit more sense haha.

Back to reality, this car was just parked outside in our neighborhood and some people watched as the weird stranger posed in front of it. I get asked sometimes how do I take photos in the street without embarrassing myself. Well, I used to be very uncomfortable shooting photos outside, I’m kind of a shy person overall and I felt like everyone’s starring at me. It took me some time to feel confident while taking photos outside, when I just started my blog back in Israel, I was extremely self conscious about the way I looked while shooting. I remember every time I saw a person coming our way I’d wait until they’d be gone. Our photo shoots would take twice or triple the amount of time they take today as every few shots I’d stop and wait for people to pass by only to avoid the strange look they gave at me. I really disliked the fact that I cared so much about what people thought of me, especially strangers in the street which I most probably would never see again, so I decided I had to do something about it. It took some time but I started practicing at focusing only on the camera and pretending it’s just me and Pin (my husband and the one behind the lens) and eventually it became so much easier and most importantly enjoyable to shoot our photos, now I just love shooting looks for the blog or just take photos with the kids outside. My tip I would say is just don’t look around if anyone’s watching or steering at you, focus on the person taking your photos and pretend it’s just the two of you. I know it’s easier said than done but that freeing feeling of overcoming a fear is just priceless! It might take some time to get used to doing but I promise you it works. I used to get (and probably still do) so many looks and even giggles while taking photos but I think some people are just ignorant and there’s nothing I can do to change that so I might as well just do my thing and not take it personally.  I know as a human my first reaction when I see something different or a scenario I’m not used to seeing is to judge, but I try to train myself to take a step back and be a bit more open minded towards other. XX



Pink snow

Coat: Dorothy Perkins Pants: Zara Boots: Primark

See, all you need to do is color your winter snow days in pink and it makes the crazy low temperatures bearable. Ok not really but this cute pink faux fur coat definitely makes me happy these days. I rarely ever wear pink in any other shade but light or pale pink, I feel like a clown in hot bright pinks, I think it clashes my red hair color. Anyway I should really head to bed right now since it is a few minutes before 11 p.m. and if I go to sleep past this time I can barley function in the morning. My kids are such early birds, we’re talking 6 a.m. early, so it is crucial for me to go to sleep on time and get a good night’s sleep in order to take care of my little cuties so early in the morning. Hope you guys have a great week and thanks so much for stopping by! xx




It’s 10 p.m. on a Sunday night, which basically means I’m exhausted  after a long weekend with the kids, all I want to do is sit in a hot tub and relax. If you are following along for a while now then you must know I’m super committed to updating the blog at least once a week, so no matter the time and how tired I am I’ve decided to not go to sleep before posting a new blog post.

The past few weeks were brutally freezing here in New Yorke but finally it is warming up a bit and I couldn’t be any happier than I was today. We haven’t gone to the playground with the kids in months so today was the perfect day for that, they were so happy to play outdoors, I could barely get them to come back home.

I’m sure you’ve all experienced this feeling when you stare into a closet full of clothes and think to yourself – ‘damn I have nothing to wear’. That’s exactly what happen to me while getting dressed the other day. My little trick for whenever this crisis hits is I immediately just go for an all black look and let the accessories do its job. I will usually go for something bold that will look cute and take over any outfit. Simple, isn’t?!

Hope you guys will like these few shots, and I wish you a great week! Lots of love xx


Snow globe

Welcome to January in NY! We got a nice little snow storm last week which of course means school was canceled and we all got to hang out in our pajamas all day. We basically didn’t leave the house for 2 days besides a quick 5 minute walk I took just to feel the snow. To be honest, I don’t do really well in cold weather, I feel like my brain is frozen and I can’t think straight, every outing is deeply calculated if it is worth to bare the cold or stay home, plus it is to cold to ride my bike so this on it’s own makes me dream of warmer days to come. I grew up living in Israel so naturally these low temperatures are pretty aggressive to my taste, all I want to do is curl up into a ball and hibernate until the end of the winter. The only things that helps me get through these days is looking at it on the short term, just take it day by day without thinking how long the winter will last. I’m not sure how much sense this is making but it sure does help me get through the winter which apparently is only going to get worse. Anyway, setting aside all of my complains, I do think a snowy day is quite the pretty site and after all it isn’t a real New York winter without a few snow storms.

Thanks for stopping by guys! xx,



Bundle up

Who doesn’t love bundling up in cute hats and gloves? Seriously it might be the only thing that will get me through winter this year. New York gets so so cold, even though we are already in January I’m still not ready for it! What I am ready for is flying somewhere warm at least until April.

Here we are on a Sunday outing in NYC, we spent a good hour at Madison Square Park until we could not feel our fingers, then headed to Oculus- it is a train station and mall located right by the memorial world trade center. I loved the architecture which looks like dove wings, it is so different from all the buildings around it.

As I am typing this we are experiencing a snow storm here in NY, school is canceled and we are all hanging out in cozy layers and enjoying the day off. Hope you all stay safe and warm! xx