Holiday in Israel

Out trip to Israel was nothing short of amazing!! It was not quite simple  getting over that jet lag and settling back in with 3 kids, I am only now getting around to sharing some photos. We spent our time in Israel between family and trips, mostly in Jerusalem and the Judeaen Hills as this is where I grew up and where my family still live. It’s been one year since we moved to NY and it was the best feeling to be back. The whole area is just beautiful, surrounded by mountains and in the distance you can see the dead sea. The air is just so fresh- I’m not kidding, I really feel like I can breath deeper when I’m there. Most of my family (quite the large family I must say- I have 10 siblings!!) are in Israel and I’ve missed them tremendously this past year, it was so great seeing them all and catching up with everyone’s life, although two weeks was not enough, I wish we could stay for longer. Hope you enjoy these few snaps, now time to kick off some fall coziness and go cuddle up in a huge sweater! XX



Skirt: Zara (similar) Top: Thread & Supply Shoes: Schutz 

Hat: Lack of Color

Just when I thought summer was over all in NY, the temps rose up again and we enjoyed a week full of warmth and sunshine. Last week has been unreal in terms of weather to say the very least. We even headed to the beach one afternoon- probably for the last time, fingers crossed it stays nice & warm for a bit longer. I’m excited for fall but hate that it leads to winter, I mean I know some people who like the winter, actually maybe like one person. I would skip the winter all together and move on to spring, that would be really lovely. Also, wanted to say Shana Tova to all of you beautiful people, hope this year brings you to great heights and happiness. xx


New beginnings

Dress: Asos  Slides: Maypoll (similar) Hat: Lack Of Colors

Hey guys! It’s back to school week, which feels kind of bittersweet to me. On one hand I love hanging out with the kids on these long warm sunny days but then on the other hand, I am definitely ready to get back into some sort of routine and impose some structure around here 🙂 Looking at these photos, I can’t believe how quick the kids are growing up. Lishai is running faster and faster, it’s really hard to keep up with her. Eitan is going into Nursery which reminds me it is time to give him his very first haircut, he turned 3 a few weeks ago but we postponed his party as it fell right when we moved houses, and Yosef is starting first grade! Seems like just yesterday I became a mom and now I have a first grader!  I hope this year goes by smoothly & I wish all you moms out there a succesfull school year to you and your kiddos! All the love.


Summer nights

Dress: H&M Bag: Doen Hat: Zara Shoes: Fox’s Sunnies: Urban outfitters

I’m loving summer in NY so much! This is actually my first summer here, I always came to visit during fall or spring but never came during the summer. One of the things I love about NY is the endless amount of summer activities the city has to offer. If I were to go out every single day I still wouldn’t be able to do half the activities I want to do.

On this particular day we headed to an outdoor movie night in Brooklyn Bridge Park. We brought along some snacks and drinks and sat on blankets on the grass with the stunning view of Manhattan right in front of us. That morning we checked the movie that was going to be played and we were thrilled when we saw it was going to be “office space”. Although Pin and I have already watched it in the past, we both loved it and didn’t mind one bit to re-watch this movie. I highly recommend it if you haven’t seen it yet. This dress ended up being perfect for sitting crossed legged for two hours as well as taking a long walk over the Brooklyn Bridge all the way to the other side which was a first for me. I was actually on the bridge a few times before but never committed to crossing all the way to the other side, the city lights were so beautiful and I’m glad we took that walk! We ended the night at Promenade in NYC, a really nice grill & sports bar with yummy yummy appetizers, it was a great end to a perfect summer’s night! xx



Summer days at the beach

Dress: Rivka Zerbib Shoes: J. Slides Hat: Lack Of Color Sunnies: Quay

I absolutely cannot wrap my head around the thought that we are nearly at the end of summer, didn’t it just start a second ago?! I feel like I need so many more beach days, water fights with the kids and just lazy days in the back yard. Every time I spend a few hours at the beach I cannot understand why I don’t come here every day, the kids are just drawn to that salty air and can play at the beach for hours at a time. Lishai is at that fearless age where she will literally run straight towards the water and get completely wet so this big blow up ball was a great distraction for her, she had such a blast bouncing on top of it and playing together with Eitan. I love summer with these sweeties!

Back in Israel we didn’t live close to the beach at all, a trip to the beach was kind of a big deal for us and I feel lucky to live so close to the ocean now. Of course with the water comes the crazy humidity which i would definitely give away in a second, it’s just too sticky for me, it reminds me of Tel Aviv while I am more of a Jerusalem girl. The humidity is really unnecessary in my book, I rather leave the stickiness during summer to water melon and ice cream. Hope you guys have the best end of summer and thanks for stopping by! xx



La Rose

Dress: Urban Outfitters Shoes: DSW Bag: Doen Hat: Lack Of Color

It’s hard not to get completely distracted by all the flowers around during summer. To me, they bring so much joy into ordinary life, they are all so beautiful and I get pretty excited when I see some beautiful roses or a lovely garden in the neighborhood. I think I would like to become a flower farmer one day! I try to have fresh flowers in the kitchen at all times but it would be pretty lovely to be surrounded by flowers all day long.

Some of you might have noticed my little obsession over strap dresses and a shirt underneath. I love how the shirt makes this ensemble look slightly more casual and laid back. I wish I could wear this type of look everyday, It’s all the things I love this season- dresses, light pink and white cotton shirts. Of course it isn’t the most practical to wear around kids but it was perfect for a date night with my man. I got stopped several times by people asking me where it was from and Pin (my husband) made me giggle on the way home when he told me I look cute in this “skirt”.

I’m definitely going to try this combo someday in the fall, perhaps with cute booties and a denim jacket over the dress! Until then have an amazing week ❤

Time you enjoy wasting, is not wasted time

Dress: H&M (similar)  Shoes: J. Slides  Bag: Doen  Hat: Lack of Color

Watch: Welly Merck

As we all know, Switzerland is mostly known for its chocolate, cheese and of course watches! Yes, in this small country in the middle of the mountains, they are making some of the best watches in the world. Watch making is an art of its own and the time and passion that go into making these little time tellers is what makes them so special.

I’m so excited to team up with Welly Merck, a Swiss based watch company with a great story behind the brand. I love the small, minimal watches a lot better than the chunky ones, Welly Merck pieces are so classy, it really wasn’t easy to choose just one from their beautiful collection. I ended up going for this one here just because I love rose gold so much! I’m also so happy to give you guys a special 20% discount by entering the coupon code RIVKA20 at checkout. Hope you guys like these few shots! xx



Dress: H&M Hat: Lack of color

Lishai’s pants: Zara Shoes: Boca Baby company

Yosef and Eitan: Pants: Next Tie dye shirt: made it Shoes: Salt Water

Is there anything more cheerful than yellow? I feel instantly happy when I see this color and although I don’t wear it that often, I truly believe the way I dress and the colors I choose will effect my mood that day.

I think a great way to start your day before getting dressed is deciding what kind of day you are aiming for. If you are planning a low key, relaxed kind of day choose soft colors and easy silhouette, (this is what outdoor pajama sets were made for, wink). If you woke up feeling like a boss and want to get out there and conquer the world then now would be the best time to pull out those killer heels and go for a sophisticated look. At first this will seem kinda stupid but once you stick to focusing your mind towards the day you are going to have, unconsciously your day will be more successful. Trust me I’ve tried it, it works!

last Thursday I found myself having a “yellow kind of day” – quite literally I must add. In the morning I put on my yellow dress, in the afternoon I had coffee in a yellow mug and towards the evening we headed out to a yellow pinwheel exhibition in Prospect Park in Brooklyn where we all coordinated in yellow outfits. As we walked around the park I felt this color was projecting positive energy to the world and I loved it, even the shower of rain that got us all soaked to our toes didn’t ruin this great day. xx












Skirt: Asos  Shirt: Zara  Shoes: J. Slides  Bag: Doen  Sunnies: Quay

One thing I am loving this summer other than the heat is the beautiful blooming flowers. Are you guys seeing the blooming hydrangeas all over? It’s absolutely incredible! The colors are just so pretty, I can’t get enough of them especially the ombre’ ones!

Light summer skirts are my thing when it gets hot and sticky outside, Asos have such a wide selection of skirts in different cuts and styles. I’m loving the asymmetrical skirts but what got me at this skirt is the nautical vibe of blue and stripes. Forgive me for my wrinkled look, I am not a big fan of ironing my clothes like normal people should do. I suppose it adds some character  to my look, don’t you think?

Have a great week my friends! xx