It’s 10 p.m. on a Sunday night, which basically means I’m exhausted  after a long weekend with the kids, all I want to do is sit in a hot tub and relax. If you are following along for a while now then you must know I’m super committed to updating the blog at least once a week, so no matter the time and how tired I am I’ve decided to not go to sleep before posting a new blog post.

The past few weeks were brutally freezing here in New Yorke but finally it is warming up a bit and I couldn’t be any happier than I was today. We haven’t gone to the playground with the kids in months so today was the perfect day for that, they were so happy to play outdoors, I could barely get them to come back home.

I’m sure you’ve all experienced this feeling when you stare into a closet full of clothes and think to yourself – ‘damn I have nothing to wear’. That’s exactly what happen to me while getting dressed the other day. My little trick for whenever this crisis hits is I immediately just go for an all black look and let the accessories do its job. I will usually go for something bold that will look cute and take over any outfit. Simple, isn’t?!

Hope you guys will like these few shots, and I wish you a great week! Lots of love xx


Snow globe

Welcome to January in NY! We got a nice little snow storm last week which of course means school was canceled and we all got to hang out in our pajamas all day. We basically didn’t leave the house for 2 days besides a quick 5 minute walk I took just to feel the snow. To be honest, I don’t do really well in cold weather, I feel like my brain is frozen and I can’t think straight, every outing is deeply calculated if it is worth to bare the cold or stay home, plus it is to cold to ride my bike so this on it’s own makes me dream of warmer days to come. I grew up living in Israel so naturally these low temperatures are pretty aggressive to my taste, all I want to do is curl up into a ball and hibernate until the end of the winter. The only things that helps me get through these days is looking at it on the short term, just take it day by day without thinking how long the winter will last. I’m not sure how much sense this is making but it sure does help me get through the winter which apparently is only going to get worse. Anyway, setting aside all of my complains, I do think a snowy day is quite the pretty site and after all it isn’t a real New York winter without a few snow storms.

Thanks for stopping by guys! xx,



Bundle up

Who doesn’t love bundling up in cute hats and gloves? Seriously it might be the only thing that will get me through winter this year. New York gets so so cold, even though we are already in January I’m still not ready for it! What I am ready for is flying somewhere warm at least until April.

Here we are on a Sunday outing in NYC, we spent a good hour at Madison Square Park until we could not feel our fingers, then headed to Oculus- it is a train station and mall located right by the memorial world trade center. I loved the architecture which looks like dove wings, it is so different from all the buildings around it.

As I am typing this we are experiencing a snow storm here in NY, school is canceled and we are all hanging out in cozy layers and enjoying the day off. Hope you all stay safe and warm! xx


Winter wonderland

Coat: Karl Marc John Boots: Hunter Scarf: Old Navy

Hey guys, hope you’re all doing well!  We were so excited to wake up to a winter wonderland these past few days, the first thing the kids do in the morning is jump out of bed straight to the window and then shout out “snoooowwww”. It really is beautiful and so peaceful once the snow has fallen down. It is also Hanukkah AKA the coziest holiday of the year, there are few things I love more than cozying up at home, even though there are so many holiday parties and events going on, I feel like on Hanukkah it is even more special to take a step back and enjoy cozy days and create family traditions, surrounded by lots of cushions, warm tea and of course homemade doughnuts. Seeing the kids excitement as we light the menorah and watching them dance to all the Hanukkah songs I used to love as a kid  brings so much happiness into our home. Hope you all have a great holiday full of warmth and light! xx




Park Slope

Skirt: Zara  Shoes: Asos  Hat: Lack Of Colors  Bag: Chloé

Kids: Alex and Alexa

We are enjoying a few last days of nice jacket weather before fall turns into winter and puffy coats are all we can wear. New York gets so so cold, I’m not ready for it! Seriously I’m not sure what will get me through winter this year. Last winter was our first in NY and I was definitely not prepared, I desperately need to invest in a great warm coat.

I love walking around cute neighborhoods, Last Sunday we were in Park Slope, a cute neighborhood in Brooklyn. You’ll find here a lot of moms pushing their strollers and some really cute coffee shops. what I love most about this area is the townhouses, most of the steps to the homes had cute pumpkins and fall decoration.

This lady came out of one of the houses and was arranging the pumpkins on her front steps, I told her how cute the decor was and she said how much she enjoys decorating for every season, she looked so proud of herself. Lets all love what we do as much as this sweet lady loves decorating her front steps! As simple as that. xx



Holiday in Israel

Out trip to Israel was nothing short of amazing!! It was not quite simple  getting over that jet lag and settling back in with 3 kids, I am only now getting around to sharing some photos. We spent our time in Israel between family and trips, mostly in Jerusalem and the Judeaen Hills as this is where I grew up and where my family still live. It’s been one year since we moved to NY and it was the best feeling to be back. The whole area is just beautiful, surrounded by mountains and in the distance you can see the dead sea. The air is just so fresh- I’m not kidding, I really feel like I can breath deeper when I’m there. Most of my family (quite the large family I must say- I have 10 siblings!!) are in Israel and I’ve missed them tremendously this past year, it was so great seeing them all and catching up with everyone’s life, although two weeks was not enough, I wish we could stay for longer. Hope you enjoy these few snaps, now time to kick off some fall coziness and go cuddle up in a huge sweater! XX