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Dress: Diane Von Furstenberg  Shoes: Vince (Similar)

Right in about two hours we are leaving to the airport and heading home after a month of travels. Instead of packing like a normal person would do I am browsing through the many photos we’ve snapped during are stay in The Netherlands and NY. I always pack at the very last minute, It’s not that I’m procrastinating or something it’s just that If I start packing three days earlier I’m just going to keep putting things in and out and change my mind about what I’m taking which basically means wasting three days! So, my tip to you is pack a few hours before you leave. I mean don’t miss your flight or whatever just be focused and efficient. It works for me! xx,



Rooftop NYC 1_00016 Rooftop NYC 1_00012 Rooftop NYC 1_00015 Rooftop NYC 1_00006 Rooftop NYC 1_00013 Rooftop NYC 1_00005

Dress: H&M Boots: Vince (similar)

My little family and I are back in NY and it feels good! Every year we come to NY for a few weeks. We stay with family, catch up, have fun and just make good memories. I try to stay away from all the typical cliche’ spots such as Times Square, Empire State Building etc. Instead I much rather walk around and search for awesome hidden cool spots and basically get lost in the big city. One thing I’ll always love going back to is central park – the little country girl in me always enjoys a bit of nature in a block of steel aka NYC. 

Have a great week and thanks for stopping by!! xx,



Amsterdam_00014 Amsterdam_00003 Amsterdam_00018 Amsterdam_00007 Amsterdam_00002 Amsterdam_00004 IMG_1336 Amsterdam_00006 Amsterdam_00021 Amsterdam_00005 Amsterdam_00017

Hello from Amsterdam! I’ve been dreaming of coming to this magical city for years and I couldn’t be more excited and happy to be here. Even though it’s been raining on and off, nothing will put a damper on our week here! The time is already going by too quickly and I wish I could slow down the days and savor them forever. as nice as it is visiting museums and touristy sites (hence, the Heineken Brewery) the best times for me is just walking around with no particular destination, this is when you can really soak in the city’s atmosphere. We walked over countless little bridges over the city’s beautiful canals, rode bikes with the kids, visited a nice flower market and when it started raining we escaped into charming sidewalk cafes for hot tea. Tomorrow we leave to NY which is a bittersweet moment as this trip in The Netherlands was so short but I’m excited about NY as well. you can follow me along on Instagram for some more moments of our trip and life in general. xx




Flowers on roof_00005 Flowers on roof_00003 Flowers on roof_00001 Flowers on roof_00004 Flowers on roof_00002

You know that feeling you get when a new season rolls around? That excitement of all the adventures to come?! spring is here and I am so ready for it!! I love going out of my way, somewhere new where I’ve never been, even if it is just driving off the main road to discover a park I’ve never seen or a new restaurant for a date night. there is just something about being able to escape that is just really crucial to my happiness. I love getting away, disconnecting from reality not knowing anyone and just get inspired by the surroundings, either it’s by music or new friends I’ll meet along the way and even just the sound of the ocean waves, really, just anything. I hope you all have a great spring season full of new adventures!! xx,



Pioo Pioo 2_00009 Pioo Pioo 2_00015 Pioo Pioo 2_00016 Pioo Pioo 2_00011 Pioo Pioo 2_00006

Coat: Pioo Pioo Skirt: Mimu Maxi Heels: Mango Bag: Vintage M.C.  Sunnies: Karen Walker

According to the calendar, today marks the last Thursday of the winter, pretty exciting!           This coat is one of my favorites. The last time I wore this trench was here worn as a dress. I love the soft color and draped style, a little different from the regular trench & it can easily transition into spring.

Have a great day!! xx,



Adi Yair 2_00017Adi Yair 2_00004Adi Yair 2_00008Adi Yair 2_00009Adi Yair 2_00011Adi Yair 2_00001

Coat: Adi Yair Dress: Zara Boots: Zara Sunglasses: Karen Walker

 I love dresses so much, I think you can wear them any time, day or night, all depends what it is paired with. The first time I wore this dress was almost a year ago on the first night of passover with heels and a 7 months baby bump. Here I I’m wearing this dress super dressed down with high riding boots and a favorite black coat designed by my good friend Adi Yair.

Quick tip: A red dress is the ultimate color choice for the first day of Passover, and I speak from experience when I say this 🙂  Have a great week!




Shaar Yafo_00007 Shaar Yafo_00004 Shaar Yafo_00003 Shaar Yafo_00005

Skirt: Twentyfourseven  Coat: Forever21  Heels: Zara  Sunglasses: Karen Walker

Snapped these photos just the other day one sunny morning in Jerusalem as my husband and I were walking around Jaffa gate sipping freshly squeezed pomegranate juice. We ended up in the Arab Market and came across a fabric shop I’ve heard about and wanted to visit for a while. The shop was full of many beautiful and unique fabrics all imported from Middle Eastern countries and cities such as Egypt, Damascus and Istanbul. I can spend hours in a fabric store just like a kid in a candy shop, I wish I had snapped some photos, unfortunately, I was to busy admiring the whole atmosphere around. I ended up getting a few yards of some really beautiful material and my husband got a hand made Jalabia, I wonder on what occasion he’ll end up wearing that?! haha.

Have a great week & thanks for stopping by! xx,



Winter wunderland_00015 Winter wunderland_00019 Winter wunderland_00002 Winter wunderland_00023 Winter wunderland_00017 Winter wunderland_00008 Winter wunderland_00011

Dress: Rivka Zerbib Boots: Hunter Bag: Coach Sunnies: Karen Walker

There’s just something so peaceful waking up to a white snowfall. Crisp white snow, falling gently, covering our entire surroundings in a soft blanket of white. There’s nothing like it. As much as the cold sometimes gets to me, I couldn’t imagine a winter going by without at least one snowfall. Snuggling by the fireplace with the kids, reading, watching the snow through the window- simply the best times! as kids, we would split time between playing outside in the snow to playing card games inside and warm ourselves up again. There’s just so many fun memories of snow for me, and they all come back as the snow starts falling.

Have a great week & keep warm! xx,