A parisian moment

Coat: Asos Boots: Anthropology Beret: Ray Badach

Not sure there is anything more french than waking up in the morning and heading to the nearest bakery to pick up baguettes for breakfast. We had baguettes every morning with butter, jam and coffee and as simple as it sounds it is the best thing in the world! I you are new to Paris make sure to grab a baguette and thank me later, it is like nothing you've ever tasted before, I think the french have a secret ingredient that they keep from the rest of the world. ha!

Paris is always a good idea

Coat: Asos Boots: Asos Bag: Mango

Can't believe I am writing from Paris! The last time I was in Paris was exactly one year ago with just Pin and I and I'm so happy to be back with the whole family! We are here for a wedding, I can't wait for a week spent with my family in Paris! It truly feels amazing to walk around the streets, every corner it picture perfect and I need to hold myself back from pulling my phone out every 30 seconds to snap a photo 🙂 xx

Hanukkah with Papyrus

This post has been sponsored by PAPYRUS®. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

A wave of excitement comes over me as December comes around and everyone starts getting into the holiday spirit. If you are ever in doubt over what to get someone as a gift, a safe bet is to simply give them a sweet card with a few personal words written inside.

I wanted to share with you the Hanukkah collection of cards from PAPYRUS®; they have a really nice selection of cards at Duane Reade! Papyrus created a beautiful selection of cards, gift bags, and wrapping paper for Hanukkah. I especially love the embellished cards; each one looks super luxurious and unique! Visit your local Duane Reade today and check out the Papyrus greeting card aisle!

I got myself some really cute cards! I’m sure you will find a few cards you love, too! Be sure the ones who receive your cards will be so very touched. I mean, I've never known anyone not to love a personal handwritten card! It doesn't have to be well thought-out or perfect; you can even just write down a funny joke or an inspiring quote you think they would appreciate.

I hope you guys have a beautiful Hanukkah, I can't wait for all the celebration! xx


Never enough white shirts

Boots: Anthropology Blazer: Zara Bag: Mango

When I get asked what is the number one wardrobe staple a girl needs, the answer for me is always a white shirty! It gives me confidence of a completely different level! No wardrobe is complete without the humble white shirt. One of the most versatile pieces you can own, this fashion staple can be styled down for day, up for night, and a lot of ways in between. I really think a white shirt should be part of everyone’s capsule wardrobe!

In this look I went classic and styled a crisp white shirt with a chic checkered blazer and matching boots. Of course a white shirt looks chic when it’s kept simple, but if your more of an extra extra kind of person it will looks just as good when styled with a statement outfit.