I used to knit a bit when I was in high school since I would travel far every day and the rides were somewhat boring. Then I put the needles and yarn away and got into different things… a few days ago I was in the mood of watching a film but didn't want to just waste time so I reached out for the knitting bag. I did in fact need to watch a tutorial on YouTube since I basically forgot the whole technique of knitting. I find knitting very relaxing and I'm already dreaming of all the things I can make!


Talking about the film I watched, this is it called "About time". I love how it gave me a bit of a different perspective on how to enjoy every day and find the extraordinary in an ordinary life.


Avocado oil. Yes, this is what I put on my face after my shower and I can't tell you enough how soft and smooth my skin feels every morning! I have sensitive skin and I'm always searching for great products that don't feel to harsh for my type of skin. Avocado oil is a great alternative and the benefits of its ingredients on the skin are countless plus it's all natural with zero chemicals. don't get me wrong I'm not a health freak or something but this thing works!!


As soon as the winter comes around my husband and I get our tea collection refilled and our tea time rescheduled, just kidding we don't actually have tea time 🙂  I really should make tea time every day since I have a bit of that tradition in my blood, my mom is dutch and my grandparents still have tea time every single day!


Got these cute tea bag holders from my aunt in Holland. How cute are they?!


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