Time you enjoy wasting, is not wasted time

Dress: H&M (similar)  Shoes: J. Slides  Bag: Doen  Hat: Lack of Color

Watch: Welly Merck

As we all know, Switzerland is mostly known for its chocolate, cheese and of course watches! Yes, in this small country in the middle of the mountains, they are making some of the best watches in the world. Watch making is an art of its own and the time and passion that go into making these little time tellers is what makes them so special.

I’m so excited to team up with Welly Merck, a Swiss based watch company with a great story behind the brand. I love the small, minimal watches a lot better than the chunky ones, Welly Merck pieces are so classy, it really wasn’t easy to choose just one from their beautiful collection. I ended up going for this one here just because I love rose gold so much! I’m also so happy to give you guys a special 20% discount by entering the coupon code RIVKA20 at checkout. Hope you guys like these few shots! xx



Dress: H&M Hat: Lack of color

Lishai’s pants: Zara Shoes: Boca Baby company

Yosef and Eitan: Pants: Next Tie dye shirt: made it Shoes: Salt Water

Is there anything more cheerful than yellow? I feel instantly happy when I see this color and although I don’t wear it that often, I truly believe the way I dress and the colors I choose will effect my mood that day.

I think a great way to start your day before getting dressed is deciding what kind of day you are aiming for. If you are planning a low key, relaxed kind of day choose soft colors and easy silhouette, (this is what outdoor pajama sets were made for, wink). If you woke up feeling like a boss and want to get out there and conquer the world then now would be the best time to pull out those killer heels and go for a sophisticated look. At first this will seem kinda stupid but once you stick to focusing your mind towards the day you are going to have, unconsciously your day will be more successful. Trust me I’ve tried it, it works!

last Thursday I found myself having a “yellow kind of day” – quite literally I must add. In the morning I put on my yellow dress, in the afternoon I had coffee in a yellow mug and towards the evening we headed out to a yellow pinwheel exhibition in Prospect Park in Brooklyn where we all coordinated in yellow outfits. As we walked around the park I felt this color was projecting positive energy to the world and I loved it, even the shower of rain that got us all soaked to our toes didn’t ruin this great day. xx












Skirt: Asos  Shirt: Zara  Shoes: J. Slides  Bag: Doen  Sunnies: Quay

One thing I am loving this summer other than the heat is the beautiful blooming flowers. Are you guys seeing the blooming hydrangeas all over? It’s absolutely incredible! The colors are just so pretty, I can’t get enough of them especially the ombre’ ones!

Light summer skirts are my thing when it gets hot and sticky outside, Asos have such a wide selection of skirts in different cuts and styles. I’m loving the asymmetrical skirts but what got me at this skirt is the nautical vibe of blue and stripes. Forgive me for my wrinkled look, I am not a big fan of ironing my clothes like normal people should do. I suppose it adds some character  to my look, don’t you think?

Have a great week my friends! xx





  Blouse: Asos   Skirt: Zara   Bag: Celine   Watch: Welly Merck  Sunnies: Quay Australia Slippers: Fox’s (similar)

Hey guys, I wanted to write a long, interesting post about something deep and meaningful but I have absolutely zero inspiration today, so I will just quickly show you my little look, a look I always go back to again and again which is as simple as a jean skirt and blouse. I loved this blouse from Asos (I just got it, unfortunately it is already sold out), I felt it was a breath of fresh air among all the florals we are seeing all over. Lots of love! x




Dress: Solika  Shoes: Zara  Bag: Fossil

I am madly in love with white clothing, any chance I get I return to white. It may be a white skirt, blouse or dress, anything white I’ll take! Even though I’m chasing 3 kids and will 100% get it dirty by the end of the day I refuse to give up this obsession, it’s just an overall peaceful color that I can’t seem to get enough of. Every time I come across a white dress I instantly fall in love, I think my dreams are made of white dresses 🙂

If you are anything like me and have zero patients of spending hours in front of the mirror a white dress may be you best answer. It is so easy to for summer and the options for styling a white dress is endless, you can either keep it all white or just add accessories in your favorite color and you are good to go. I love the bow sleeves on this Solika dress, a nice detail on a minimal dress.

Much love and Happy Tuesday x



Skirt: H&M Top: H&M Shoes: Nordstrom  Hat: Etsy

If you are following on Instagram, you’ve probably noticed the pink bike and I am no less than obsessed with them. This bike brings a smile to my face just because I’m kind of proud of myself for seeing a vision I had in my head come to life in just a few short hours. Originally, this bike was just a boring black bike and I spray painted it to this beautiful champagne pink shade that looks even more beautiful in reality. I really love the result and I’m dreaming of filling up the basket with pretty flowers and riding around in sweet summer dresses. I guess I love bikes so much because it brings back so many memories of my childhood, my whole life I’ve lived on a Moshav (Israeli country side) and riding a bike everywhere was part of life + my mom is Dutch so I guess bike riding is in my blood.

Last Sunday morning we all got on the bike just for fun, we didn’t actually ride the bike since I don’t have safe kid seats but the boys were pretty excited just to sit on the bike and rock from side to side pretending they are on a boat. I think I should go ahead and buy a kid seat so I can take the kids on proper bike rides in the park, that would be such a fun activity!

Have a lovely day guys! xx





Dress: Zara  Sliders: Asos Hat: Lack Of Colors Bag: Sam Edelman

Hey hey, I hope you all had a great weekend! Last week was a long holiday week full of family and good food, It was lovely and I am now ready to get back on schedule for a few weeks before the kids are off for summer break.

When the sun calls, a good summer dress is in order,  am I right? I am loving the ruffles we are seeing everywhere this season, they are so cute and feminine. Just yesterday I was wearing a cute ruffled sleeve top I found at H&M for only $15. (You can see it on my Instagram while I was riding my bike with the kids).

I love the combination of the gingham and ruffles on this dress, I’ve always loved dresses, ever since I can remember. I’ve also always been somewhat of a dreamer, always letting an outfit take me to different places. That’s one of the reasons why I love fashion so much, it can transport you even if you’re not heading anywhere, I literally feel like I am in another place depending on what I am wearing. This dress takes me to picnics on the grass on those long summer afternoons, where does a pretty summer dress take you? xx,



Shirt: Zara Skirt: Urban Outfiters Shoes: DSW  Bag: Rebecca Minkoff

There is this quote from a movie I love, Breakfast at Tiffany’s “I’ll never get used to anything. Anybody that does, they might as well be dead.” I love it so much. I love the idea of being reminded to always look around at the simple things in our everyday life and remember to appreciate and not get used to things as they are. I am practicing this a lot lately, the easiest is when I’m with the kids, they are constantly amazed by everything. The way they want to stop and watch the flowers at every garden we pass by or how happy they get from just eating an ice cream is really the best example for me. Thank you for stopping by today guys! Love you all lots x




Dress: Zara Shoes: J. Slides Bag: Sam Edelman

Hey guys! I’m excited about the next few days because the weather man seems to be in a really good mood and is giving us a lot of sunshine this week. Once it warms up I love wearing maxi dresses, they are so comfortable and easy to wear and with 3 kids around, I don’t have more than just a few minutes to get ready in the morning, therefore a one pieces outfit is definitely my go to these days. The last time I wore this dress was last year in Jerusalem (see here), I spent so much time in this beautiful city and wearing this dress again here in New York is reminding me of how much I miss that place.

Now that we have moved houses, we are exploring different areas in our new neighborhood any chance we get, one of the things we love doing is taking different routes every time we walk out just to see what’s around us and get to know our new neighborhood a little better. Try it! You’ll be surprised of the little gems you’ll discover even after you had thought you know your area pretty well! The other day we discovered a cute pink wall right around the corner of our new house, I have a feeling you guys will see a lot of this pink wall 🙂 Lots of love and see you soon, xx



 Dress: Rivka Zerbib  Shoes: J. Slides  Hat: Lack Of Colors Bag: Rebecca Minkoff Neck Tie & Bracelett: Accessory Junkie

I still have a few photos to share from the spring cherry blossoms, even though by now most of the flowers are already on the the ground. Cherry blossom season usually lasts about a month, I really wish it would be longer but I guess that is what makes it so special. Now that most of the flowers have fallen, some streets are full of pink petals ans the kids are having so much fun throwing petals into the air, they keep saying “it’s raining flowers” haha.

There’s something so cheerful about this time of year. I am loving the light pink colors of the cherry blossoms, I still find some late blooming trees here and there and I always stop and admire the beauty of the flowers and there light pink color. This color instantly puts me in a good mood and makes me want to get out into the sunshine as much as possible. It’s just an overall pretty shade and I can’t get enough of it right now! My latest purchase is these cute little heels, I can’t wait to pair them with sweet summery dresses! Have a great day friends 🙂 xx