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Hey guys! Purim- the Jewish holiday, where we all get dressed up is just around the corner! Purim is my kids favorite holiday, they eat an absurd amount of candy +  they get to choose any costume they want and I get to be a little creative and figure out how the heck do I sew an animal costume. Here’s a look at what the kids were dressed up as these past two years. 2015 they were lions- I loved this one, how cute are my little lion cubs playing in the field! 2016 they dressed up as sharks, I passed on this costume to my friend who has also two boys, can’t wait to see them as sharks on Purim. This year Yossef is all grown up and he keeps changing his mind about what he would like to dress up as, at first he was talking about being an astronaut because he is into all space related things these days, then he changed his mind to a knight costume. Fingers crossed we will have quickly whip up some costume as we are two days prior the holiday and right now we have nothing. I would love to hear any ideas for quick and easy kids costumes, if you guys think of anything please feel free to comment below! xx,


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