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Dress: Mango (Similar) Shoes: Lulu’s Sunglasses: Ray- Ban

These photos are the exact opposite of the current weather I’m experiencing right now as I am in NYC and loving the crispy fall chilled yet warm temperatures. Didn’t get around posting these photos from a few weeks ago, better late then never!

On a warm Sunday afternoon my little family and I headed out on a fun day trip and spent the afternoon at a little horse range not to far from where we live. The more time I have spent traveling Israel, the more I have fallen in love with our country. We can become far too comfortable with what lies in our backyard without ever exploring what is a short ride or amazing road trip away. Israel is really so small and I am always amazed by how every few kilometers feels like another world, this country is an amazing place and every time I visit a new place I am reminded of that. xx,


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