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Dress: Cos Boots: Stuart Weitzman Bag: DKNY

You might have seen this already on Instagram but we will be having baby #3 in March!! We are so so so exited!! I am already 20 weeks pregnant and I wanted to wait until I’m half way through for the baby announcement. I must say it was a bit of a challenge since I already have a little bump for a few weeks now  (you can totally tell on some of the latest photos if you pay attention). I’m super impatient finding out the baby’s gender, I already had two checkups and the doctor could not tell because of the baby’s position. Both genders would be super fun… having a boy would be totally cool just because after having two boys I realized how cool and awesome baby boys are! they seriously are the coolest! but then a girl would be fun so I know I have my girl! Like I need at least one girl!

I love dressing the bump during these few weeks before I become really huge then it just gets so hard finding the right fit, I can’t even get close to the maternity section in stores and later on it gets really challenging styling the bump, all I want to do is stay in pajamas the whole day. for now I’m just enjoying my little belly, I know this pregnancy will fly by so fast!

Thanks for all your sweet comments on my instagram announcement, it is really nice reading them all and I’m excited to share this chapter in my life with you! xx,


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