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All clothing: Touch

You know me and super fancy, colorful outfits, we typically aren’t a match made in fashion heaven. But then when I was offered to work with Touch – a high end evening wear brand, I thought to myself why not, getting out of your comfort zone is always a good idea and wearing something I typically wouldn’t wear can turn into a fun dress up day!

Some of the pieces in their holiday collection are definitely jaw droppers and will be great for the up-coming holiday season. As summer comes to an end I can definitely see how I’d style these outfits by adding tights, booties & blazers to my favorite pieces.



Special thanks to Touch for sponsoring this post!

10 thoughts on “PLAYING DRESS UP”

  1. דגמים מקסימים!
    בשבוע הבא את עומדת לפגוש את אחיותיך שעשויות להינות מפרי עמלך, אלא שמידותיהן אינן כמידותייך.
    מה דעתך לשנות את המצב?
    אני אשמח מאוד מאוד ללבוש את הקולקציה כולה!

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