Coat: H&M  Dress: Cos  Shoes: Zara  Bag: Topshop  Sunglasses: Ray-Ban

There’s truth in the fact that simplicity can be all you need in making a bold statement. In my point of view, over-accessorizing is something that gets under my skin and most often ruins an outfit. If you’re going to do a crazy colored bag, shoe or sunglasses in my case,  the remainder of the look needs to be as basic as possible. I feel that most of the time it’s harder to keep a look basic than going crazy and over accessorizing or throwing on too many layers. I’m all in for getting out of your comfort zone but keeping things simple is more of a challenge to me, and most of the time not doing this is the reason for a failed look.

Now finally, I was able to break out one of my winter coats I’ve been hoarding this season deep in my closet, waiting for the warm weather to give in for just a moment. I’m super excited for tomorrow as the Meteorological Service predicts a heavy storm and maybe even some snow!!

Have a great week & stay warm! xx,



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