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Dress: Rivka Zerbib

I have a dream and it is to live on a boat. I’m not sure how realistic this is but I like to think of myself as a strong creature who could survive a sailing trip for more than just a few hours. this past October while visiting New York my husband and I went on a full day of fishing in the Atlantic Ocean, it wasn’t the calmest day to go fishing the waves were tossing the boat up and down throughout the whole 10 hour ride and top that all with me being 6 months pregnant! I now know what it feels like to be in a salt shaker yet I had no problem staying on that boat for another whole day. lets just say mal de mer isn’t the case here.

Last week I had the pleasure of meeting a few bloggers for an early morning sailing trip. There is something so romantic about cutting through the ocean on a sail boat. You can’t just hit cruise control on a sailboat. The connection to nature is of upmost importance and each day, each sail, is completely different depending on the weather. Thankfully, this sail was an exceptional one that included calm waters, high winds and happy spirits.

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Dress: Zara  Shoes: Adika

Kids: Catimini

Summer = Outdoor activities, and what is nicer then a family picnic?! We love eating outside and during the warmer months we spend a lot of time outdoors, the kids always ask me when is our next picnic and they love the change of scenery for an ordinary lunch or dinner. 

The key to a successful picnic is a simple no mess menu which must be prepared in advance. I usually cut up some fruit of the season and pack small sandwiches just because I don’t like to spend to much time in the kitchen but there are endless culinary options for a yummy picnic! the food in a picnic is basically the same as we all have at home but the secret is in the way it is presented that makes it different and gets the kids all excited. For example, you can have your regular french toast cut up and put onto sticks and even put your cut up fruit on sticks, mini size pizzas are another idea kids love!

The days of packing up a few cheeses and a bottle of wine (we’re big cheese eaters) and just sitting under a tree with just me and my husband are far gone but I absolutely love the hustle and craziness of preparing three kids for an outdoor activity, we usually anyways end up sitting there watching our two boys run around and have the time of their life, so basically nothing really changed 🙂

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Overall: Zara Shirt: United Colors of Bentton Shoes: Zara

Sunnies: Karen Walker Bag: Celine

In case you missed the memo: braids are a huge thing this summer. I always loved braids and I’ve been doing them since I remember myself so it is nice to see it around again plus braiding your hair in the heat of mid July is really a great idea!

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Dress: Zara Shoes: Lulu’s Bag: H&M

I find it quite interesting how you can discover your very own closet with the same items you see every single day. This dress was hanging on a hanger for several months patiently waiting for some attention from its owner, same goes to these killer platforms who were stuck in a box in a dark corner in the back of my closet. Then finally one morning it clicked! It was one of those “how did I not think of this before” moment. The bohemian style, the color, everything about this combination just clicked!

I love walking around the Old City of Jerusalem, I feel pretty much at home in the narrow streets and alleys, I spent my whole Elementary School years on Mt. Zion and it felt all nostalgic to just walk around and share memories from those past years.

The only thing was I had not taken under consideration the fact that I’ll be walking on the cobble stones in ridiculously high platforms. It was quite the challenge to say the least, I literally stumbled to the ground and my ankle was aching for some time during that day, at least I brought a smile to the faces of the passers-by who witnessed my shameful fall 🙂

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Dress: Adika Cardigan: Cos Glasses: Ray Ban

Happy Thursday Everyone! The official arrival of summer is here which means a lot of outdoor activities and a lot of sun and beach! I’m so grateful for those long summer days that are spent outside making memories with my little family, the beach is no doubt our favorite place to hang out during summer!

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bocababy X rivkazerbib

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Moccasins: Boca Baby Company

Super super excited to reveal a very special collaboration with Boca Baby Company!! A fully custom baby accessories & gifts company all handcrafted using the most luxurious top quality fabrics.
What really touched my heart while working on this collab was the fact that Boca Baby Company has committed to donate a minimum of 10% of all proceeds to organizations who assist couples struggling with infertility.

As someone who struggled with infertility in the past before having my first boy, this issue touches home for me. You may know me as a mom of 3 beautiful children but it hasn’t always been all fun and games. The unknown and feeling of emptiness during the journey of infertility were the most difficult feelings we have ever experienced.
I love discovering new brands who not only have amazing products, but who are also passionate about making the world a more special place.
You can now shop these pure leather moccasins in many different colors and styles at

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Dress: Rivka Zerbib Sandals: Aldo

For the longest time I’ve had this image in my head of white dresses fluttering in the wind in the open fields. Finally this vision came to reality once I had this dress done, perfect for the harvest holiday coming up this weekend. I love all the delicious food on this holiday, anything dairy and yummy is on the menu- lasagna, cheese cakes, pasta and so much more! I will try to control myself from gaining a few extra pounds over this coming weekend. I’m so in love with how this dress turned out, It is no secret that I am ob-sessed with wearing white especially when it is a dress. In the spring and summer months, white immediately moves to front of my closet. That’s all for now, I hope you all have a great sunny holiday, thanks so much for stopping by!!





IMG_8866 IMG_8859 IMG_8901 IMG_8851 IMG_8932 IMG_8863 IMG_8947 IMG_8847Sweater: Zara Skirt: Zara Sandals: Lulus (similar) Glasses: Karen Walker

As a woman and fashion lover, I think I have always been aware that there are certain fashion rules one should never break, that is:  too much skin shouldn’t be on display at the same time, too much make up is a major no-no, and effortless is definitely the key word. While I admire femininity and timeless elegance I make sure to always balance out my general appearance by adding some kind of edge to my look. As a mom of three it is not that often you’ll find me in heels, but when I do wear heels I like to keep the rest of my outfit simple and effortless like this camel skirt and sweater combo I absolutely love.

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On Yosef: Top: Catimini Shorts: Catimini Shoes & Hat: H&M

On Eitan: Top: Catimini Shorts: (Similar) Catimini Shoes: H&M

A favorite thing of mine is taking early morning walks with the kids, we will wake up early that morning, get dressed and drink a cup of warm chocolate milk then head outside when it is still quiet and the lighting is soft, we take a little walk and chat about this and that before it is time to drop them off at school. I think it is those few relaxing minutes with there mama instead of rushing out of the house to get to school on time that will make there day a little more enjoyable. I usually bring my camera along since they will always find some kind of activity that will be to cute to miss.

These kids are so full of imagination, my hubby and I always love talking about what incredible imagination and minds our kids have, they will somehow find a way to turn anything into a game, they have so many creative ideas and concepts I wish they will never be inhibited by fear or social pressures and always keep that sense of imagination for life.

If there is one thing I struggle with daily is that guilt I might accidentally pass my own personal hesitations and limits onto my children. I really love being there mama, I feel like I am learning so much about thinking outside the box when I am around them. Over the years I’ve spoken with my friends about different parenting methods and I’ve read dozens of parenting books and so many contradict one another that I keep asking myself what is the best method? Can we even know? I hope I am doing something right I know I am trying my best, and to all moms out there I hope you know no one has it all figured out no matter how much it seems like it and even if you loose your patience more than you’d like to admit, you’re still an amazing mom and your family is the luckiest to have You!