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Top: Zara Skirt: Mango Shoes: Converse Glasses: Ray Ban Bag: Céline

Happy Thursday, everyone!! Fall is officially here and I am so ready to pull out all the layers, chunky sweaters & booties but for some reason the weather is just sticking to those high temperatures and it feels like August again. For now I’ll enjoy light dressing just a bit longer but I am adding some transitioning pieces like this suede skirt. One trend I’m loving and that is super popular right now is the suede fabric, you can find it in anything from skirts, bags, boots and more. It is definitely the “it” fabric of the season, it pairs nicely with almost anything and creates a perfect, effortless fall look!

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The most wonderful time of the year has arrived ladies!! I love the first few weeks of fall and the holidays that are just around the corner are my favorite days of the whole year. Where has this year gone to?! Wow how time flies by!! Last week while I was in Paris I got a little taste of fall weather and I wore some of the dresses from my clothing line with fall layers, it was so easy to style and ended up being the best travel dresses! In honor of the holidays, we’ve marked down all styles 20% off! Use coupon code “hoiday20” at checkout!
Here is a look at the many times I wore pieces from my clothing line, clearly I have a favorite style can you guess which?!

I’ll take a minute to thank you all so much for taking the time to visit the blog again and again and for all the support especially since the launch of my clothing line, it really does mean the world to me! I wish you the best year full of happiness and laughter!! xx,



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Dress: Rivka Zerbib Heels: Lulu’s Bag: Nina Ricci

I find Paris to be such a romantic city. I love walking around and taking in all of the beauty from the incredible architecture, the quick stops in random cafes and endless museums and parks and things to see. It really is such a special place and I love getting any opportunity to visit. The last time I’ve been to Paris was 4 years ago and I couldn’t wait to be back. I don’t know when will be the next time I’ll visit Paris so for now I’m trying to savor every moment while I’m here and I just hope I won’t need to wait 4 years again. September is really a great time of year to visit Paris, you get that perfect balance of heat and cool at the same time.




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Dress: Zara Sandals: Lulu’s Bag: Mango Sunglasses: Rayban

I know, sadly, summer will be coming to an end in just a few short weeks, earlier in the mornings I can already feel that fall breeze sneaking in and I am savoring these last warm days, I definitely will miss slipping into a light summer dress like this one. I love the midi cut of this dress and waist belt, makes me feel like I’m on my way to a tea party from the 50’s but then the unexpected back is what quickly grounds me back to reality.

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Dress: Rivka Zerbib

Israel, my beautiful country you are so charming. Every time I step my foot on another piece of land I have never stepped on before I get this great feeling of excitement. I try to get out and explore places I have never seen as much as I can, the history, the architecture and the stories behind are simply fascinating and are literally around every corner. I also love taking my kids back to the places I loved visiting as a kid myself. It is easy to fall into an ordinary routine and then when we feel the need to “get away” we escape to another country but the truth is, we forget that just a step away we have so much to discover and so many places in our own country we have never seen.

It isn’t only about far distant destinations but also about the places we walk by every day and don’t take a second to stop and pay attention to. Just the other day I discovered a restaurant in the middle of Jerusalem, the food was amazing and I asked the waitress if they are new in the area, she replied “we are here since 1967” I sighed, I literally past by this place hundreds of times, how could I have not seen it?!

I hope I will never be left with that sense of missed opportunity, It’s simple I know, but seeing and doing things out of the ordinary every day is something very special. It’s fun, exciting and most of all it’s enjoyable.

I loved visiting Caesarea for the first time, it is a small city off the sea with a great story behind the old arches and from my short visit I loved the oriental vibe on the boardwalk and the charming old fashioned fishing boats docked at the small port.

This dress was perfect for a stroll on the beach at sunset, it can easily be taken from day to night with literally zero effort, I can’t wait for the temperatures to drop so I can begin layering all of my favorite dresses.

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I’m so so excited to finally tell you all about the launch of my clothing line, Rivka Zerbib. For the longest time I’ve been going back and forth rather I should start my line at this point in my life with 3 little kids around (the oldest being 4.5 years old) or wait for a while until they grow up a bit. When I do something I like to give it my full attention and put 100% of myself into it, I was worried that starting my clothing line will directly affect my child care and the lack of time I’ll have to pend with them. Shortly after my baby turned 2 months (she is 5 months now) I had recovered from birth and decided to go for it and make it work! I’ve set my priorities differently and I’m still learning a lot and trying to balance it all out. I couldn’t have done it without the support of my husband who is my number one fan, he believes in me and always pushes me further and keeps me grounded and focused.  This capsule collection is something I’ve been working on for a while now. It has been scary but an absolute dream come true for me! Launching a new brand takes so much time, energy and resources so thank you so much for all your kind and encouraging comments. My capsule collection consists of minimal and simple silhouettes, I focused on creating season-less pieces that can be worn all year round and can easily be styled in many different ways, this collection completely represents me and I can’t wait to style the pieces for fall and winter.

Head over to to shop the capsule collection! xx



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Dress: Rivka Zerbib

I have a dream and it is to live on a boat. I’m not sure how realistic this is but I like to think of myself as a strong creature who could survive a sailing trip for more than just a few hours. this past October while visiting New York my husband and I went on a full day of fishing in the Atlantic Ocean, it wasn’t the calmest day to go fishing the waves were tossing the boat up and down throughout the whole 10 hour ride and top that all with me being 6 months pregnant! I now know what it feels like to be in a salt shaker yet I had no problem staying on that boat for another whole day. lets just say mal de mer isn’t the case here.

Last week I had the pleasure of meeting a few bloggers for an early morning sailing trip. There is something so romantic about cutting through the ocean on a sail boat. You can’t just hit cruise control on a sailboat. The connection to nature is of upmost importance and each day, each sail, is completely different depending on the weather. Thankfully, this sail was an exceptional one that included calm waters, high winds and happy spirits.

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Dress: Zara  Shoes: Adika

Kids: Catimini

Summer = Outdoor activities, and what is nicer then a family picnic?! We love eating outside and during the warmer months we spend a lot of time outdoors, the kids always ask me when is our next picnic and they love the change of scenery for an ordinary lunch or dinner. 

The key to a successful picnic is a simple no mess menu which must be prepared in advance. I usually cut up some fruit of the season and pack small sandwiches just because I don’t like to spend to much time in the kitchen but there are endless culinary options for a yummy picnic! the food in a picnic is basically the same as we all have at home but the secret is in the way it is presented that makes it different and gets the kids all excited. For example, you can have your regular french toast cut up and put onto sticks and even put your cut up fruit on sticks, mini size pizzas are another idea kids love!

The days of packing up a few cheeses and a bottle of wine (we’re big cheese eaters) and just sitting under a tree with just me and my husband are far gone but I absolutely love the hustle and craziness of preparing three kids for an outdoor activity, we usually anyways end up sitting there watching our two boys run around and have the time of their life, so basically nothing really changed 🙂

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Overall: Zara Shirt: United Colors of Bentton Shoes: Zara

Sunnies: Karen Walker Bag: Celine

In case you missed the memo: braids are a huge thing this summer. I always loved braids and I’ve been doing them since I remember myself so it is nice to see it around again plus braiding your hair in the heat of mid July is really a great idea!

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