Top: & Other Stories Skirt: Levi’s Shoes: Urban Outfiters

Hey Guys! I feel like this week has been the longest week ever, I guess it is because I’m packing up as we are moving houses next week. Packing up a house is no joke and although we don’t have that many things since we just moved to NY a few months ago it still seems like an endless task. The kids on the other hand are having the time of their lives with all the boxes around the house, they played hide and seek inside the boxes then they stacked them up into towers and lastly they decorated and colored on the boxes.

My husband snapped these photos a few weeks ago right when the weather stared warming and this top got me right into the spring mood.  I love this top so much, it has a lot of color to it but still feels simple and minimal just the right amount. I hope you guys like it!! happy Weekend! xx



Dress: Asos Sweater: H&M Boots: Asos

Hey guys! Such a clever title right? couldn’t think of anything better… I hope you all had a great Passover, my little family and I had a pretty amazing holiday and I wouldn’t mind having just one more day of relaxing and family time. What I love most about the holiday is the technology detox- no phone calls, no cameras, no Instagram, no moment to capture just 100% chill. This year I had an extra long holiday since here in NY unlike Israel their is one extra day to the holidays. I was actually nervous about it at first, I thought how much can we keep the kids entertained already?! and what if it rains and we are stuck indoors for days?! It turned out pretty fun actually, we bought some extra toys for the long afternoons and the weather was perfect so we even took a long walk to the beach- 1 hour each way!! My muscles were aching the next morning but filling up a day to keep the kids happy was totally worth the pain. Talking about the beach, I’m so thrilled it is finally warming up, I can’t even begin to explain how excited I am for beach days, I love laying on the sand and watching the kids play, they can literally play for hours at a time! They use up so much energy that after a few hours on the beach they literally eat all the healthy snacks I pack up which makes me a pretty proud mama! The beach really is my happy place, I always tell my husband about my dream of one day living right on the beach then he says he prefers living in the mountains and we get into an endless argument about where is the perfect place to live. haha

I don’t know why I am talking about the beach when I really should be talking about these pretty pink blossoms!! Every where I look the trees are blossoming, the colors are so beautiful, it makes me want to only wear pale pink lately, how pretty is this color?!

Hope you are all having a good week! xx



I know it is spring already but I was going through my photos and realized I never shared these. We survived our first winter in NY! I was so nervous before moving here, although I visited a few times before but never during the winter. I had people tell me we will not be able to leave the house for months and that we’ll get snow blizzards every other week. Truth is, it wasn’t that bad at all, I actually enjoyed the winter activities with the kids, we had some snow fights (only 2 days of canceled school) and a ski trip to Montage Mountain in PA. I would skip those days when my fingers felt numb after walking outside for 5 minutes or dressing three kids in a million layers, it just takes forever, I literally need an extra 30 minutes to find everyone’s hats, gloves, boots etc. I do see the beauty of a rainy day but I grew up in Israel where 55 degrees is an average winter’s day so heat is definitely my jam. That being said, I am so excited about spring and summer, mostly because I can just throw a tee shirt on the kids and step out (sounds like a far dream as we are still in coats as I’m typing). xx




Skirt: Movint Shirt: Nordstrom Sunnies: Urban Outfitters Booties: Asos

Lately, all I want to wear is pretty white tops. White shirts are a personal go to of mine and pretty much go with anything which makes it easy to get dressed in the morning. Romantic white shirts, crisp button down and even a white T shirt- I’ll take it all! I can’t wait for the weather to warm up to pair all this white with more feminine and flared skirts and dresses. I’m defiantly looking forward to putting away all the coats and boots and I would absolutely be pleased to slide my feet into cute sandals. Who else is super excited about spring?! xx



Over the weekend we celebrated Lishai’s first birthday! I’m really trying to savor these last moments of having a little baby as she is growing so fast. She is starting to walk and take a few steps, still not more than just a few but she gets back up after every fall and I know she will be running around in no time. It is always so bitter sweet when the kids have birthdays, the years fly by so fast and I just want to freeze time and have little babies crawling around and tiny hands wrapped around my legs forever. I still remember every little detail about the day she was born, all the excitement, scary, beautiful, overwhelming feelings that came along with suddenly being a mom of three. I love you my sweet little Lishai to the moon and back, and I’m so proud you have chosen me to be your mother .


Stripes top: & other stories Knit: Zara Hat: Lack of colors Home decor: Home goods

Spring is officially here! woohoo! How exciting is the change of a fresh new season, especially spring with the warmer weather and beautiful blooms. Although today’s weather isn’t even close to spring temperatures, it still feels nice to know we’ve officially survived our first winter in New York. It isn’t easy to entertain 3 kids indoors for months, I can’t wait for long sunny days outside with my babies; tee shirts, sandals and bike rides are definitely more fun with kids! On another note, how pretty is this striped top, I love hoe it is so colorful and detailed but at the same time still remains minimal and monochromed just like I like it! Happy first day of spring my friends and thanks for stopping by! xx,


PURIM 2017

As I was saying in my previous post, Purim was right around the corner and we all had no costume at all. I thought it would be so sad if we didn’t get dressed up this year so I dug into my fabric boxes and pulled out a long black piece of fabric the I originally used in Israel for the Sukkah walls. I thought it was quite amazing how this piece of fabric traveled all the way from Israel to America and was used from one holiday to another. A few hours of work and all 5 of us had matching Batman costumes! The kids had a blast trying to get their cape fly behind and I was thrilled we got this right again! To those who celebrate, I hope you guys had a great Purim and thanks for your tips on my previous post. xx




Costumes made by me

Hey guys! Purim- the Jewish holiday, where we all get dressed up is just around the corner! Purim is my kids favorite holiday, they eat an absurd amount of candy +  they get to choose any costume they want and I get to be a little creative and figure out how the heck do I sew an animal costume. Here’s a look at what the kids were dressed up as these past two years. 2015 they were lions- I loved this one, how cute are my little lion cubs playing in the field! 2016 they dressed up as sharks, I passed on this costume to my friend who has also two boys, can’t wait to see them as sharks on Purim. This year Yossef is all grown up and he keeps changing his mind about what he would like to dress up as, at first he was talking about being an astronaut because he is into all space related things these days, then he changed his mind to a knight costume. Fingers crossed we will have quickly whip up some costume as we are two days prior the holiday and right now we have nothing. I would love to hear any ideas for quick and easy kids costumes, if you guys think of anything please feel free to comment below! xx,



Trench: Guess  Knit: Asos  Skirt & Hat: Zara  Boots: Asos (similar)          Bag: Celine  Sunnies: Karen Walker

Oh how I love a trench coat! Makes me feel like a cool British girl walking around London in the rain. If you ever think of investing in a closet staple, a trench coat is definitely your answer! Today’s post is short, my mom came to visit us from Israel, so we are spending a lot of family time together.

I hope you guys have a great week, thanks for stopping by ♥



Dress: Zara Jacket: TopShop Boots: Asos (similar) Hat: Zara

Okay girls, this might just be one of my favorite looks ever. I’m obsessed with animal prints at the moment, Plus wide dresses are the best for a little Sunday road trip with the kids. Talk about a winning combination. I can’t wait for spring so I can wear these type of dresses more often!

I hope that you’ll like this look as much as I do (or at least a little), thank you so much for stopping by and have a gorgeous week! xx,